Our primary aims are to enhance the capital invested with us and to deliver strong income returns in line with our partners’ specific needs.


In order to achieve those aims we adopt thorough and prudent risk management practices and ensure our clients’ interests are aligned with, and anchored to, the very heart of our real estate investment philosophies.


By doing so, by focusing on one investment asset class and by tailoring specific acquisitions to our partners’ needs we will continue to receive high levels of client satisfaction and reinvestment rates which underpin the long term success of the Anaro business.


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Commercial property investment is complex and has multiple inter-dependent moving parts.


Understanding how all those parts fit and function together to create and improve value is critical to maintaining wealth for the benefit of this generation and the next. 

Association of Registered Investors


A core component of our investment approach is to undertake proactive research and to formulate strategies to identify and target properties, rather than accepting unknown risks by simply reacting to market sales activity. 


For this approach to be more successful we seek, through the Association, pre-commitments of capital from partners with similar investment appetites. This understanding of the availability of capital can not only improve access to stock but can also benefit the actual negotiation process, and allows Anaro to move swiftly avoiding costly competition.


The process of joining the Association satisfies the requirements of the Financial Markets Authority Act 2011 (as amended), the statute which governs the investments Anaro presents, allowing those who qualify to participate in our investments.


If you are interested in becoming a member please proceed with the  application process and carefully read the accompanying documentation. Once approved we automatically send to you our investment offerings together with market information. Joining the Association does not place any obligations whatsoever upon its Members but if you are not interested in becoming a member but still wish to receive notification of our latest offerings please contact Jason Little.


Registration Process

Once completed the FMCA and our registration process requires your application to be forwarded to your professional advisor for certification. The process is largely automatic and if accepted you will be provided with a PDF copy of the Investor Certificate which will be valid for a period of two years from the date of approval.   

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